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Who We Serve

Health Services

Counseling & Mental Health Services

Athletic Training Services

Accommodation & Disability Services

Our Solution

Streamline Operations

Streamline payments, immunization status & demographic information seamlessly, unifying the wellness services, businesses operations with campus systems.

Universal Solution

Integrate all aspects of wellness on a campus providing department specific content & detailed security access controls for health & counseling services, athletic training and accessibility services.

Trusted Vendor

For 25+ years we have provided software & services to a loyal client base of campuses. Customer input is highly valued and incorporated in every new software release.

Affordable Value

Designed specifically for the University and College Health market we deliver your needs today with a growth pathway for the future.

Quick Deployment

Our implementation services ensure that your journey is smooth by delivering your system pre-loaded with content & supported by methodology meant to minimize our client's effort.

Mobile Friendly

PyraMED ANYwhere saves time and makes patient care data portable. A solution that seamlessly integrates information providers can enjoy optimal productivity.

Our Results


Platform Experience

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PyraMed Support Staff

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Troubleshooting & Support

Answered “Quite Well” or Better

Our Vision

PyraMED Health System’s vision has always been to provide a total solution that compliments its industry knowledge to accommodate the current and future health and wellness needs of University and College campuses

What Our Clients Say

I am so pleased with the customer support of PyraMED. I know I had done some research and checked reviews and saw the positive comments from customers. My experience has been even more positive and as a non-tech person, I am very grateful!

Loretta Staudt, MD, FAAFP Director, The Catholic University of America Student Health Services

What Our Clients Say

I am always willing and able to tell people why PyraMED rocks!

Darren Oliver Aaron, MSHA, NREMT Associate Director, Student Health Service | Wake Forest University

What Our Clients Say

There is so much more available on PyraMED than I ever imagined so it is a bit overwhelming for us. At the same time we love the surprises that we come across and are amazed what PyraMED has to offer. Always something new to learn but we truly appreciate what is available.

Karen McCabe BSN, MHSc, RN Assistant Director, Student Health Center | Saint Francis University

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