Patient Care Software

For a Unified College Campus

PyraMED Health Systems is a leading provider of College Health, Counseling, Sports Medicine, Wellness and Accommodation Software to institutions across the country.

For 25+ years PyraMED has been improving patient care for higher education institutions of all sizes – from large universities with hospitals to small colleges with limited health care staff. With superior technology and a team of highly experienced staff, we know the ins and outs of college health software like no other company.

PyraMED Health Systems was founded in 1994 by a group of physicians & business professionals who had previously collaborated to design an innovative software management system at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Since then, PyraMED has become one of the nation’s largest developers and providers of health information systems to the college and university healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To improve patient outcomes by delivering technologies and expertise that focus on the end-user experience, decrease costs, automate processes, and provide quality comprehensive care.